Content Management

Securing Your WordPress Website Through Updates

Security is important. Like an opened garage door in a dangerous neighborhood, a website that is not updated may risk unwanted intrusion. Keeping your website updated is important for your protection against website hackers. What are the potential results from a website hack? Loss of data, manipulated information on your website, or worse: a dead …

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Hiring Out Your Web Content Management

Need help with managing your website’s content? Do you find yourself without enough time to keep your website up-to-date? If so, there is a solution. Tricom, a national website development company in Dallas/DFW TX, is happy to help you manage your website’s content. To get started, ask for your free quote today.

What is RSS?

What is RSS? This acronym stands for really simple syndication. This technology proves helpful for creating email campaigns and generating website feeds. How does this work? When you publish a blog post, your RSS feed pulls in your post’s information. So the title, published date, and description information for your posts feed your really simple …

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