I help public health agencies, academic institutions, and community-based organizations address determinants of health through developing and implementing custom mobile health technology interventions.


As a doctoral student at the University of Maryland's School of Public Health, in their Department of Family Science, I am researching ethnic minority fathers and the use of mobile health apps to address health disparities. Most recently, I am part of a research team investigating a blended approach to obesity prevention through a randomized control trial called Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables (Prepared Parents, Healthy Youth). This blended program teaches Latino immigrant fathers family skills to help their youth with obesity prevention. My role has been to assist with the design and development of the mobile health application along with implementation with two cohorts. The app is available in iTunes and also Google Play. Learn more at https://padressaludables.com/about.

The Padres Preparados Jovenes Saludables project has led to another opportunity to leverage this mHealth technology platform to assist our University Extension's Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) with the design and development of a mobile health app to increase the program's reach into the Latino community in Baltimore, Maryland. The app is currently available for free download in iTunes and Google Play.


The content for this app, which is entitled "UMD Extension," is currently being reviewed. Right now, the app has food preparation videos, exercise videos, quizzes for the in-person program visits, a poll, and other helpful EFNEP information. The content inside the app will teach participants about basic food groups, nutritious food choices, ideas for meal preparation, food safety and storage practices, smart snacking, physical activity toward the goal of improving diet for a healthier lifestyle for individuals and families.

The Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables mHealth blended delivery is a joint collaboration with the Universities of Minnesota and Maryland Extension. I am excited to partner alongside of this dynamic team of field educators and evaluators. Our mHealth app, Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables, is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play. Check it out!


The Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables program was built on the shoulders of previous research. One of those programs is called Padres Informados, Jovenes Preparados. Currently, I'm assisting them with designing and developing a mHealth app to assist with Latino youth tobacco and substance use by strengthening parent-youth relationships. Learn more at https://app.padresinformados.com. The app is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play.

I designed, developed, and helped implement a custom intranet to help coordinate efforts among staff and faculty for the University of Maryland's School of Public Health. This intranet houses many important resources that support business operations within the School. This intranet will help keep the University's School of Public Health on the cutting edge of science and innovation. See it at https://in.sph.umd.edu.

University of Maryland, School of Public Health

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