Helping public health agencies, academic institutions, and community-based organizations address determinants of health through developing and implementing custom mobile health technology interventions.


mHealth Apps

We design, develop, and implement mobile health apps that address public health needs. Have a project? Let's talk.

R & D

We utilize scientific theory and evidence-informed practices throughout our entire work.


We implement our technologies to ensure program success.

Data and Analytics

We gather data and use cutting-edge analytical tools to capture user behaviors and trends.



The Padres Preparados, Jovenes Saludables program was built on the shoulders of previous research. One of those programs is called Padres Informados, Jovenes Preparados. This mHealth app assists with Latino youth tobacco and substance use by strengthening parent-youth relationships. The app is available for free download in iTunes and Google Play.

University of Minnesota School of Nursing

To help address COVID-19, the University of Minnesota's School of Nursing is implementing an iOS and Android app to widely distribute Omaha System Guidlines COVID-19 Response interventions to health care systems globally. Since 1975, the Omaha System has provided standardized health care terminology based on a problem classification scheme, intervention scheme, and a problem rating scale for outcomes. Currently, approximately 22,000 health care practitioners, educators, and researchers use Omaha System guidelines. The free app download is available in iTunes and also Google Play. Learn more at

The free Omaha System Guidelines App is available in iTunes and Google Play and provides Evidence Based Practice care plans in a standardized coded format that are used by clinicians globally. These standards are in alignment with the World Health Organization definition of guidelines. Learn more by watching the video here.

Omaha System Guidelines


A Uniquely Innovative Product

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand you may need to convert your existing in-person programs and services to an online format to facilitate participant engagement. Our innovative apps and websites help make this happen. Have a project? Let's talk.

Implementation and Support Services

You have lots on your plate. We understand this reality, which is why we can help you implement your new app and provide technical support to ensure your stake holders feel confident with your new app platform.

Powerful and Quality Code

Following Agile methodology, we prioritize quality working code that is deployed rapidly. This development framework empowers us to publish your apps and products quickly and efficiently while ensuring they exceed your expectations.

Friendly and Supportive Collaborators

We respect and value the important work you are doing in the community. We strive to cultivate friendly and supportive collaborations and believe these positive relationships provide unique opportunities for professional interaction.

Have a project? Let's talk.

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