Strategically Rolling Out A New Website

When thinking about building a new website, some people may forget to think about how they will strategically roll out their new website. They focus on building the site but not advertising it. Failure to think about the release of your new website can hinder your website’s acceptance by your constituency.

So how can you strategically roll out your new website? The following are some ideas to get you started.

End User Training

If your website will serve the needs of a specific group of people, then train them on how to use your new website. If they don’t understand your new website, or the reason you redesigned it, they may not use your website. Adequate training increases the likelihood they will use your website as you intended it to be used.

Website Content Management

Think about who will manage the content for your new website and train them on how to upload new content. If possible, train multiple people as backups in case your main content manager is unavailable to upload content.


So you invested thousands of dollars and weeks of hard work redoing your website but after your website’s launch you find that only ten visitors showed up. Ugh! Advertising can help spread the word that you are releasing a cool new site that people should visit.

A few weeks before you launch may be a good time to really promote your website heavily through your different advertising campaigns. Think about using email marketing, social media, video, print publications, posters, post cards, and word of mouth. You can also purchase advertisements through Google Adwords, on popular blogs, and other platforms.

Google Analytics

As you track your website’s analytics, try to identify content that people like to view. This will help you understand what content people like. Also, be willing to make adjustments to your website as needed.

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