Multicultural Marketing

Multicultural Marketing: A Distinction of Tricom’s Website Design Approach

Tricom embraces cultural diversity. It’s who we are, literally! We are multicultural through our family heritage. We love people from different cultures. And we can help with your multicultural marketing needs.

How does multiculturalism affect how we approach website design?


We value people of different ethnicities. We love multicultural experiences, which means we love people of different cultural heritages. Our multicultural outlook affects how we treat people with respect and dignity.

Cultural Diversification

We recognize the impact of culturally diversifying your website. Depending on your online goals, you may want to reach people from different cultures. We can help you think through how to make your website multi culturally engaging.

Mobile Technology

Tricom understands the importance of meeting the needs of individual cultures. So if one culture prefers mobile websites, then we will help you reach that culture by helping you optimize your WordPress website for mobile devices, such as the iPhone. Tricom will help you build a website to help with your multicultural marketing needs.

Google Translator Tool

Another tool you may consider adding to your website is Google’s Translator Tool. This widget provides a computer-driven translation so that people can read your website’s content in their own native language. Although the translation is not 100% perfect, it does provide helpful translations.

If you need help in thinking about how to make your website assist your multicultural marketing, Tricom is here to help. To get started, ask for your free quote today.