Project Managing A New Website Build

Project managing a new website build doesn’t need to be difficult. Sure, there are multiple people involved, which can lead to miscommunication. Sure, there are deadlines to meet and budgets to stay within. Sure, there are subjective decisions that must be made. But overall, these items can be addressed in an organized fashion through careful website project management.

Here are some ways to successfully project manage a new website build:

  • Plan each phase of the website carefully by thinking through potential roadblocks and challenges
  • Identify all the people who must be involved in the website build and communicate regularly with them
  • Schedule bite-sized benchmark goals for the development team rather than giving them too much to do at one time
  • Set expectations of what will be accomplished in writing so that all parties understand what will take place through the website development process
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate!
  • Have fun and don’t take things too seriously
  • Keep the big picture in mind at all phases of the website design
  • Test the website’s functionality to ensure excellent quality

These items are just some of the ways you can successfully project manage your website build. If you need help setting up a new website or redesigning a current website, Tricom is happy to help. We provide excellent website project management. To get started, ask for your free quote today.